Reflexology is a natural, drug free way to  reduce stress, increase circulation and assist the  body to heal itself!

Courtney Hayes, MIIR
Certified Reflexologist


What To Expect During A Reflexology Session

- a soothing environment through music and dim lights is set to encourage relaxation for a most effective session

- socks are removed so the reflexologist can easily feel congestion in the feet. If you desire to leave them on, please wear thin socks

- body system (respiratory, endocrine etc.) techniques are applied to hands and feet up to mid-calf

- attention to a specific condition if requested

- sessions typically last about one hour

- new clients will be asked to fill out an intake form and provide a brief medical and personal history to assist the reflexologist in assessing treatment

Deborah Berg is a Reflexologist certified by the International Institute of Reflexology. She addresses a wide range of health issues including pain relief, stress reduction, improved circulation and cancer support wellness.

Deborah tailors her treatment regimens to meet each individual’s specific needs incorporating meridian therapy in to the field of reflexology. “Reflexology is truly an art of fine tuning and is considered a priority in wellness maintenance.”

Deborah is also trained in Reiki and Healing Touch and draws on her holistic experiences to restore balance to the body on all levels.

After you have received a treatment, it is beneficial to continue with regular sessions in order to maintain health and well-being as the body integrates improved functioning​.

Located in Crystal Lake, IL

Deborah Berg, MIIR
Certified Reflexologist


Reflexologist Courtney Hayes received her certification in 2016 through the International Institute of Reflexology. She loves learning and continually searches for new experiences to enhance her craft.

​​Courtney focuses on relaxing the body and mind to bring her clients back into balance and address a wide range of health issues, from specific illnesses and general pain management to stress relief.

 When she isn't helping clients, Courtney enjoys spending time with her son and husband, hiking with her dogs, kayaking and practicing yoga. Raised in Crystal Lake, she has strong community ties and enjoys volunteering and getting involved in local events.

Please note: A reflexologist is not a medical doctor. Reflexology is not a substitute for medical treatment, but may serve as a complement to most kinds of therapy.